Multi-Specialist Merchants

Our multispecialist wholesale trade in materials makes up the bulk of the Samse Group’s business, accounting for 64% of the Group’s turnover, compared to 15% for specialist wholesale and 21% for the DIY market.

In this business, the five main brands and their turnovers in 2018 are as follows: Samse (€451m with 82 branches and 1553 contributors), Doras (€188m with 49 branches 761 contributors), M+ Matériaux (€193M with 48 branches and 625 contributors), Simc (€153m with 26 points of sale 4 DIY stores and 592 contributors) and Plattard (€190m with 32 branches, 5 industrial sites, 5 concrete mixer plants, and 500 contributors). This sector concerns mainly trade customers in construction, building and civil engineering, key accounts and also individuals.

Our presence in the multispecialist merchant business in France is established through a dense network of 303 branches in the East, Centre-East, South-East, South and South-West of the country.

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