Specialist Civil Engineering/Water Conveyancing merchants

Our civil engineering and water conveyancing business is represented by the plurality of Samse Group's companies: Christaud, BillMat, Vaudrey, Célestin and BTP Distribution. Together, these companies generated a turnover of 87 million euros in 2017. They are consolitated into a network named "Réseau Français des Spécialistes de l'EAU" (French Network of water specialists).

In the drinking water conveyancing sector, the French Network of water specialists covers a broad area: north, centre, centre-east and south-east. It has set its sights on achieving a nationwide presence, Christaud with its 11 banches having acquired a stake in the capital of Billmat in the north and west with 6 branches.


Our civil engineering business, including water conveyancing and drainage, is represented by the companies Célestin and BTP Distribution. Célestin's 12 branches cover the south-east of the country.

BTP Distribution's network consists of four branches in the Grand Est region. BTP Distribution also operates as a timber merchant.



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