Our long-standing transport partner Zanon supplies our 340 sales outlets. Working from our Brézins platform, Zanon operates 40 trucks daily, each of which is equipped with a geotagging system designed to optimise the delivery rounds and goods flow between sites where required.

Our strategy is to manage our transport and supply-chain resources as efficiently as possible while also organising deliveries to our end clients. To this end, we command a fleet of 500 Group-owned delivery vehicles equipped with loader cranes of different sizes and capacities that are capable of supplying work sites of all kinds, including those on upper floors. All the rolling stock used by the Group is managed by the Moyens matériels service.

We also have our own forwarding agent: Mat Appro, to organise the transport flows. This expertise is essential to optimising the synergy between the Group's transport and logistics operations and also to ensure pricing consistency and to enable us to tailor the different modes of transport to the constraints expressed: air, sea, river, rail and road.

Mat Appro also operates on the building and civil engineering market as a whole. In 2016, 40% of its business was with customers outside the Group. Our powerful logistics capability is a significant commercial asset in the industry as a whole.

Sud Appro manages the drivers and their trucks in the south of France


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