The Group's corporate governance must guarantee that we protect the interests of our stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and financial partners – according to our principles of transparency and efficiency.

Our governance structure, consisting of a board of directors and supervisory board, enables us to separate the Group's responsibility for oversight from its operational and managerial functions. In addition, a number of independent committees ensure good corporate governance.


Supervisory Board

  • Patrice Joppé, Chairman
  • Paul Bériot, Vice-Chairman
  • Remco Teulings, Vice-Chairman
  • CRH France Distribution (represented by Natacha Jamar)
  • Dumont Investissement (represented by Marie-Claude Guicherd)
  • Xavier Duclos
  • Stéphanie Paix


Management Board

The Management Board is a collective decision-making body that ensures the leadership, coordination and operational management of the Group.
It consists of three members who are appointed for a two-year term:

  • Olivier Malfait, Chairman
  • François Bériot, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director
  • Laurent Chameroy, Managing Director


Executive Committee

This is made up of the members of the Board of Directors and fulfils certain additional functions: human resources, legal affairs and labour relations, logistics, ICT, development, purchasing and management of the subsidiary companies.

  • Arnaud Bériot: CEO of La Boîte à Outils
  • Olivier Bis: Information Systems and Methods Director
  • Benoît Bréchignac: Human Resources Director
  • Jean-Jacques Chabanis: President of La Boîte à Outils
  • Marc Cointepas: Logistic Director
  • Julie Faure : Communication manager of the committee
  • Yannick Lopez: Purchasing Director
  • Christophe Lyonnet: Samse Regional Director
  • Franck Ougier, Executive managing Director  of La Boîte à Outils
  • Gilles Puissant, Executive managing Director  of La Boîte à Outils
  • Alain Renard: Chairman of the Doras Management board
  • Guylène Riera, Finance and Management Control Director of La Boîte à Outils
  • Christian Rossi: Chief executive officer of Christaud
  • Serge Roux: Vice-President of Simc
  • Jérôme Thfoin: Marketing and Innovation Director
  • Didier Zambon: CEO of M+ Matériaux


Executive Board of Dumont Investissement

  • Patrice Joppé, Chairman
  • Paul Bériot
  • Luc Henry
  • Jean-Yves Jehl de Menorval
  • Hugues Joppé
  • Maxime Joppé
  • Philippe Jury
  • Jacques Plattard
  • Martine Villarino
  • Denis Zanon


Special committees

As required by the law, the Supervisory Board has established three committees: the Remuneration and Appointments Committee, the Audit Committee and the Strategy and Investment Committee.


Download the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board